St. Linus Religious Education

First Eucharist Interview Schedule  ( there are no interviews for the 2017 class)


Below are the available times for First Eucharist Interviews. Each child needs to be accompanied by an adult. The children will be grouped with others to form a group of no more than 5 children. I will take about half an hour with each group to go over their Gift of Eucharist books, the Our Father, Sign of the Cross, Mass responses and proper etiquette for receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus in Holy Communion as well as the Eucharistic Prayer sheets distributed at our Small Group Family Experience. The opportunity to "try" the communion wafer and drink wine from the cup will also be offered. I am happy to set aside the following times for you. Please come to the gym entrance off the football field (same as the Eucharist Sessions) about 5 minutes before your appointed time so we can keep on schedule. Parents are welcome to attend the interview, but are asked to refrain from answering questions that are designed for the child.   If, for some reason, you are not able to keep your appointment please call and let me know.