St. Linus Religious Education

(updated October 31, 2017)

Family Catechesis and Home Study Calendar

                                       PLEASE NOTE BELOW:

This is for classes in October and afterwards!

Entrance for classes will be the gym door off the back parking lot.  There is a door bell.  We are still in process about the entrance at this time.  After entering the door, you will go down hallway to the Library Entrance which is on the left side opposite the windows. 

                      (updated October 31. 2017)

Information for first session in fall. Will be posted here in summer.  Please bring your calendars! 

(We will begin our first session on Tuesday, Sept. 5th at 7 PM in church)

Second class sessions have been scheduled! 

Mon.       Nov. 27        Grade 7     7-8:15 PM

Thur.      Nov. 30        Grade 6     7-8:15 PM

Mon.       Dec. 4         Grade 3      5:30-7 PM

Mon.       Dec. 4         Grade 8      7-8:15 PM

Mon.       Dec. 11        Grade 2      5:30-7PM

Tues.      Dec. 12        Grade 1      5:30-7PM

Tues.      Dec. 12        Grade 5       7-8:15 PM

Thurs.    Dec. 7         Grade 4       5:30-7 PM

 see list of dates below for future possible classes!                            


Reminder to bring home calendars to all sessions!!

As of October 25---------schedule of classes
Grade 1:   Dec. 12       5:30-7 PM    homework     
Grade 2:   Dec. 11       5:30-7PM     homework      
Grade 3:   Dec. 4         5:30-7:00 PM   homework

Grade 4:  Dec. 7         5:30-7PM      homework       
Grade 5:  Dec. 12       7-8:15 PM    homework       
Grade 6:  Nov. 30       7-8:15 PM   homework    
Grade 7:  Nov. 27        7-8:15 PM   homework          
Grade 8:  Dec. 4          7-8:15 PM   homework

* If your family is unable to attend a session, we will have the homework placed in the rectory two days after the session. 

Probable dates for the next class:  (will be posted in December)